Better sleep means better performance

Better sleep means better performance

The Sleep and Fatigue Management Program was designed to capture the sleep behaviours, disorders, and challenges with sleep when travelling for individual athletes and sports teams. The program uses a three-pronged approach.

  1. Sleep education and awareness

Corporate wellness programs along with targeted Lunch and Learn sessions are performed by our knowledgeable and highly trained specialists. We personalize the presentation to your audience and provide education and awareness while keeping the sessions interactive and informative. Your CSHP presenter will work with you to ensure your organizational needs are addressed and that we exceed your expectations.

2. Travel and jet lag management

Travel and jet lag management helps mitigate the negative effects of travel fatigue and jet lag, and will facilitate a shift in biological rhythms to adjust more rapidly and effectively to the new time zone

3. Individualized sleep optimization

Get a personalized plan and set a routine with a sleep physician to optimize your sleep.