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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Have A Sleep Question For Us? Our Experts Have The Answer

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Have A Sleep Question For Us?
Our Experts Have The Answer

What are the costs of your services?2022-12-09T17:39:20+00:00

All appointments with our physicians and allied healthcare providers at the Centre are covered by your provincial health insurance plan; however, sleep diagnostics are not presently covered in Alberta under the provincial health insurance plan. The cost for sleep testing varies depending on the type of testing performed. Level III Ambulatory sleep studies cost $250, Level I In-Lab Polysomnograms cost $1200, and Level I In-Lab Polysomnograms with Daytime Sleep Testing (MSLT/MWT) cost $1700.

Are your services covered by provincial health care and/or third-party insurance?2022-12-09T17:33:40+00:00

For Alberta residents, appointments with our practitioners in-clinic are covered by Alberta Health Services, as well as virtual appointments with our medical doctors.

For out of province patients (except for Québec residents), in-clinic appointments with our medical doctors are covered by provincial health insurance. Out of pocket payment is required for virtual appointments.

Due to licensing restrictions and standards, our sleep physicians cannot provide virtual care to patients residing in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Québec, Newfoundland, or Nunavut.

Why is sleep testing not covered by Alberta Health (in Alberta)?2022-12-09T17:33:18+00:00

Sleep diagnostics are not presently on the Alberta Fee Schedule. Sleep studies performed in hospital in Alberta are performed at no charge to the patient.

How long is the initial appointment?2022-12-09T17:32:14+00:00

Your initial consultation with the sleep physician will be scheduled for 60 minutes.

Will the doctor be giving me a prescription?2023-01-06T21:30:48+00:00

Not necessarily. Our approach can involve both medication and behavioural treatments, depending upon what is most appropriate for each individual patient. You will have a comprehensive consultation with one of our sleep physicians prior to any medication being prescribed.

Am I going to have to sleep there overnight?2022-12-09T17:31:18+00:00

Following your initial consultation, your sleep physician may recommend that you have sleep testing performed. If appropriate, you will be given the option to undergo your sleep study in the comfort of your own home with a Level III sleep testing device, or in the Level I sleep lab at the Centre.

How long will it take for me and/or my family physician to receive the results of my sleep study?2022-12-09T17:29:49+00:00

You will have a follow-up appointment scheduled with your sleep physician for about 3 to 4 weeks after your sleep study. During this appointment, your sleep physician will explain the results of your test and provide you with treatment options, if warranted. A copy of your results will be sent to your family physician following this appointment.

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