How Do We Help Adults With Sleep Issues?

The Centre for Sleep & Human Performance has trained and highly-skilled sleep medicine physicians and technologists who can assess, diagnose and treat all sleep disorders that present in adult patients. Unlike community-based sleep apnea clinics, the CSHP has a highly specialized team to look after your sleep disorder and ensure that you get the most current sophisticated approach to the management of your sleep problem.

While most patients present with insomnia there is a range of other sleep disorders that can be independent or overlap with insomnia including sleep apnea and this requires skilled and experienced sleep physicians to sort out. Every adult patient has access to the behavioural sleep medicine program. The CSHP approach is to use medication only where necessary and monitor the use of medication carefully for the patient. So whether you struggle to fall or stay asleep, wake up tired and unrefreshed or struggle to stay awake during the day the CSHP has the most skilled professionals and the most comprehensive program to help you get back to your normal energetic self!

Diagnostic Sleep Studies

Find the source of your sleep problems with comprehensive Level 1 and Level 3 Sleep Studies.

Sleep Apnea & CPAP Mask Treatment

Learn about sleep apnea and find relief from its symptoms.

Behavioural Sleep Medicine

Find relief from common sleep problems, including insomnia, without medications.

Medicine Program

Treatments for sleep problems with medication.