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The supplementary information in this weblink is associated with the Canadian Police Research Centre Call for Proposals 001 for the submission from the Calgary Police Service and the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Calgary Police Service Health and Human Performance Research Initiative supplementary information is in the format of pdf documents and video clips.


Post-exercise recovery is critical to maximize athletic performance at any level. Good sleep hygiene is necessary for full recovery, and the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance has accumulated tremendous exercise-related sleep expertise observing Elite National Team and Olympic Team athletes in both clinical and research settings.

Sleep is considered by coaches, athletes and trainers to be one of the most important and ignored factors for post-exercise recovery. Inadequate sleep and failure to rest, travel fatigue and jet lag contribute to poor recovery. We provide expert evaluation and management of these problems for athletes at all levels, and work closely with professional trainers who understand the importance of sleep and recovery.

Whether you are a high-level athlete with a rigorous training program or just trying to stay fit with regular exercise, sleep and recovery are critical to the overall health benefits of exercise and activity. Elite athletes are susceptible to over-training due to the grueling nature of the training required to compete at an elite level. Recovery is the key to reaping the full benefit of training and sleep is a major component of the recovery process. Most athletes, in particular teenage athletes, do not have the time due to training schedules and the demands of life to get enough sleep to recover properly.

Our research team has conducted a pilot study in two groups of elite athletes and determined that the prevalence of poor sleep quality is 30-40%. Dr. Samuels' expertise is screening athletes for sleep disorders, determining optimal sleep schedules, and assisting athletes of all levels with training schedules to maximize the benefit of their training.

OAR Northwest Project

The OAR Northwest project follows four men, gold medal Olympian Adam Kreek, Writer Jordan Hanssen, Filmmaker Markus Pukonen, and whitewater rafting guide Pat Fleming as they row from Dakar, Senegal to Miami, Florida. The expedition is a Guinness World Record attempt which will span nearly 4000 nm. The four rowers have given themselves between 60 and 80 days to complete their mission and have created programs by which schools and students can follow their expedition and interact with them. The team will row continuously, 24 hours a day, for the duration of the expedition. They will row in pairs while the alternate pair rest/sleep and take care of mission tasks. The team has engaged in collaboration with the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance research division which will monitor their sleep and performance over the course of the trip.

During the Salish Expedition Kreek, Hanssen, Pukonen and Greg Spooner (Spooner will be helping from the ground for the Africa to Americas trip) circumnavigated Vancouver Island while the Centre's research team tested the Readiband, developed by Fatigue Science. The Readiband is a wristwatch that logs the sleep/wake/rest cycles of the rowers and includes software that analyzes levels of fatigue and cognitive performance throughout the day. The research will compare the subjective self-assessments of fatigue and performance to the objective results from the Readiband device. The primary objective of the research project is to develop simple robust methods for monitoring and analyzing performance and fatigue under physically strenuous and psychologically demanding circumstances where there is substantial cumulative sleep deprivation. While the primary goals of the research team will focus on the ability of the four athletes to perform at a high level while on four hour shifts over the course of the expedition, secondary objectives will look at the athletes cognitive function.

Don't just dream of a better sleep. Actually have one.

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