Vote NO to Permanent Daylight Saving Time

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comparison of 8am Daylight Saving Time and 8 am Standard Time on November 28 in Calgary

“Permanent Standard Time is best for our health, followed by our current system, with permanent Daylight-Saving Time ranking dead last”.

– Dr. Michael Antle, Circadian rhythm expert, University of Calgary

On October 18th Albertans will be asked to vote on whether Alberta should adopt permanent daylight saving time. The result of the vote on this question is binding.

The stance of the Centre for Sleep & Human Performance is to VOTE NO to adopting permanent daylight saving time. 

Cons of Permanent Daylight Savings Time (DST) 

  • Disrupts our sleep/wake cycle: more evening light, less morning light.
  • Go to work/school an hour earlier in winter.
  • Later sunsets encourage later bedtime which could result in less sleep, decreased work productivity, and increased work injuries.
  • Increased accident risk driving to work in the dark and potential morning sleepiness due to less sleep.

Pros of Permanent Standard Time (PST) 

  • Closer match to our sleep-wake cycle.
  • Natural for our bodies to follow this schedule with more opportunity for morning light which supports our circadian rhythms. 

Quote from the European Biological Rhythms Society 

9am Daylight Saving Time vs 9am Standard Time in Canmore in January



Images courtesy of Save Standard Time 

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