New Horizons at The Centre for Sleep and Human Performance Spell New Horizons for Patients

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Canada's Centre for Sleep and Human Performance joins the World Sleep Society, on March 17, in bringing awareness to sleep disorders and offering a host of new services to its patients.

As the world wakes up to the importance of sleep to total mind and body health Canadians look for new, non-medicinal approaches to sleep that easily fit in with their everyday life.

In conjunction with a continued focus on helping patients effectively deal with sleep disorders Calgary's Centre for Sleep and Human Performance is starting off 2017 with the addition of new services tailored specifically to aid patients in their everyday life.

Hiring sleep educator and naturopathic ND, Dr. Katherine Rasmussen, to provide patients with a holistic approach to their sleep woes allows the Centre to give patients care that is tailored to each person's life. The highly integrative care provided by Dr. Rasmussen incorporates mindfulness training, and diet and exercise tools along with our proven methods for improving sleep quantity and quality for all our patients.

"As a naturopath, she has very specialized knowledge and a unique approach to assessing and managing the patients and adds a very specialized skill set to the expertise of the sleep physicians at the Centre," said the Centre's founder, Medical Director and Canadian Sleep Society president Dr. Charles Samuels.

Secondly, the Centre is pleased to announce an entirely new set of services attuned specifically to the athlete population. After a decade of extensive research with Canadian Olympic athletes led to the development of the world's first tool for assessment and management of sleep in elite athletes the Centre is rolling out a range of athlete services.

"Research has shown poor sleep quality in Canadian Olympic athletes, so it is important that athletes optimize sleep both at home and during travel. Optimal sleep is essential for athletes to fully recover from the mental and physical demands of high-performance sport," said the Centre's sleep scientist and University of Calgary postdoctoral fellow Dr. Amy Bender.

With the help of Dr. Bender the Centre is now able to offer athlete sleep screening, individualized sleep plan services, travel plan services for competition that takes athletes across time zones and custom sleep and circadian plans for competition times as well as consulting services.

These services will help the Centre to create better awareness of sleep disorders and help our patients to manage everyday sleep issues for a greater overall quality of life.

Don't just dream of a better sleep. Actually have one.

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