Dave's Journey to Outrun Rare

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Dr. Singh Dr. Samuels and Dave Proctor

This past summer Dave Proctor attempted to run across Canada in record time while raising funds and awareness for the Rare Disease Foundation. He was forced to stop just east of Winnipeg due to medical reasons, but Dave described this only deepened his desire to invoke change and get back on his feet to advocate further for the Rare Disease Foundation. Dave's story is close to his heart as he has a son diagnosed with a rare disease.

The Centre for Sleep provided support/advice around sleep and fatigue issues to Dave while he was on his run, so he visited our clinic this week to share his journey with us. His talk around the highs and lows of his run and the impact that the many supporters/runners made on him while he was out there was truly emotional and inspirational. We look forward to what Dave will accomplish in the upcoming year!

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