Camping Helps Us Sleep

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person camping enjoying fresh air

The May Long weekend is just around the corner, which for many means the start of the camping season. We brave the often cold, and even sometimes snow, to unplug, get some much needed fresh air, and spend some time with nature. The health benefits to camping are numerous, but recent studies have now shown that a weekend of camping can actually reset our internal clock, helping us to sleep better.

Our increased use of electrical light, and reduced exposure to natural light, has caused us to stray from our natural circadian rhythms or sleep patterns, and may be a contributor to poor quality sleep. The study, conducted by Dr. Kenneth Wright and colleagues from the University of Colorado, found that increased exposure to sunlight, as opposed to largely relying on electric light, shifted the internal clock earlier. To read more about the study, check out this article published in Time Magazine.

Read Time article on how camping can improve our sleep

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