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Dr. Samuels recently joined Krush Performance host, Jeff Krushell, for another great episode about sleep: You Are Getting Sleepy….. Very, Very Sleepy. Dr. Samuels has become a regular guest on the popular podcast, sharing his expertise on sleep and its fundamental role in human performance - athletic and otherwise. Jeff Krushell, the founder of Krush Performance, has worked in high-performance sport for more than 25 years, with many sports organizations, helping top-level athletes reach their fullest potential. His podcast aims to educate and inspire by delving into science and strategies for improving performance. 

In this episode of the podcast, Jeff and Dr. Samuels discussed the impact that Covid-19 has had on our sleep, strategies for improvement, the benefits and limitations of sleep trackers, sleep aids, including melatonin, and much more. It's a good one so make sure to check it out! The segment begins at the 15:35 mark.  

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