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The Sleep and Fatigue Management Program was designed to capture the sleep behaviours, disorders, and challenges with sleep when travelling for individual athletes and sports teams. The program provides:

Sleep Education and Awareness

Sleep education and awareness opportunities can be tailored for a variety of athletes and staff including National Sport Federations/Governing Bodies, Sport Centres and Institutes, Training Centres, Olympic Committees, Professional Sport Teams, Esport Teams, Sport Interest Groups, and Sport Conferences and Summits. All presentations can be modeled to the group or organizations' needs and delivered accordingly to the target audience.

Travel and Jet Lag Management

Travel and jet lag management helps mitigate the negative effects of travel fatigue and jet lag, and will facilitate a shift in biological rhythms to adjust more rapidly and effectively to the new time zone so the athlete can train, prepare and compete at the optimal level. This plan will include:

  • General tips on how and when to start shifting your circadian rhythm
  • Assistance selecting flights
  • Specific times and dates in relation to your competition on when to sleep, eat, seek light, block light, and train to facilitate a shift in your rhythms towards the competition time.

Individualized Sleep Optimization

Individualized sleep optimization plans are for athletes looking for a consistent routine and will be built based on the athlete's bedtime, wake time and training schedule. This plan will provide scheduled times for the athlete to nap, put technology away, dim lights, wear blue light blocking glasses, start bedtime routine, when to go to bed and when to wake up. This will include an optimal bedtime routine designed for athletes to relax and prepare for bedtime.

Customize your own Sleep & Fatigue Management Program

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