What our PATIENTS and Colleagues say

Nathan Gafuik

Senior Canadian Gymnast

Working with the Center for Sleep and Human Performance has been great for me as a Senior National Team athlete. I did not realize the importance of having a proper sleep plan. However, since I began following a sleep plan I could see an immediate improvement in my training and recovery. I have gained valuable knowledge and I have become very aware about how a structured sleep schedule is most beneficial to my training and recovery. It is also very beneficial that Dr. Samuels understands my unique needs as a high performance athlete. My needs are a little different and he addresses them and understands how to best formulate a plan to deal with my intensive training and travel schedule as well. Being involved with the center has been very important and a helpful improvement for my career.

Bryan Vila, Ph.D.

Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology, PI Sleep & Performance Research Center, Washington State University – Spokane

[Dr. Samuels’] collaboration with the Calgary Police Service is the best example in the world for the many police agencies that are struggling with shift work, scheduling and officer health and safety issues. This is the first time that anyone has attempted to measure the impact of the tough hours police work on their performance by taking the rigor of laboratory methods into the field. Dr. Samuels and CPS are pioneering best practices for police officers across Canada and worldwide.

Matt Jordan, MSc

Master of Science Exercise Physiology, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Professional Trainer Canadian Sports Centre Calgary

As a consultant to many athletes ranging from development level to elite and professional one of the biggest hurdles is ensuring adequate recovery from training. Sleep is critical in the recovery process as this is the body's primary opportunity to repair and recover. However, many athletes are chronically sleep deprived or have issues with obtaining quality restorative sleep. I see this occurring on a regular basis from teenage athletes who aren't sleeping enough to elite athletes whose sleep patterns may be disrupted due to jet lag or training stress. Dealing with an athlete's sleep requires a professional who is trained not only in the physiology of sleep but who also understands the nuances of elite human performance. When it comes to sleep for high performance athletes, Dr. Samuels at the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance is the best I have seen. With his help several of my athletes have experienced huge improvements in performance, health and general well being. I would strongly recommend Dr. Samuels to any coach or athlete who is looking for ways to improve recovery and get more out of training.

CSHP Patients

On Sleep Lab Experience

"Dr. Singh was a great support. The rooms were comfortable and homey."

"Tech was very knowledgeable and made me feel extremely comfortable with the procedure."

"Wanted to stay in bed another 2 hours – very comfortable but without the wires!"

"Very Comfortable"

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