The Time It is A Changin

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fall back clock set at 2:00 am for time change this weekend

This coming Sunday marks the end of 2020's daylight saving time. The day we roll our clocks back and rejoice in that extra hour of sleep, or, delight in that morning sunshine that arrives an hour earlier than it did the day before. But, the earlier sunrise means sacrificing our evening light, which is already in short supply this time of year. There is also the adjustment to the one-hour change that we must contend with, especially for those more sensitive to these shifts.

Centre for Sleep's Medical Director, Dr. Samuels, shares his expertise for effectively managing the time change, as well as tips for coping with the diminishing daylight that accompanies fall and winter, in our press release:

"Advice from a Sleep Physician to Successfully Deal with Fall's Time Change and Reduced Daylight Hours

Read Centre for Sleep's Press Release

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