Dr. Samuels featured in Outside Magazine

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Photo of Dr. Samuels' presentation poster

Last month our medical director, Dr. Samuels, presented at the Sport Innovation (SPIN) Summit, a sports science and innovation conference hosted by Own the Podium (OTP). This annual symposium brings together experts from around the world to build knowledge and provide tools for future Olympic and Paralympic sports success through technological and scientific research. Naturally, Dr. Samuels focused on sleep and its influence on performance and recovery in elite athletes, in addition to CSHP’s Athlete Sleep Screening Questionnaire (ASSQ).

Outside Magazine columnist, Alex Hutchinson was in the audience for Dr. Samuels' talk. In his article "5 Laws of Sleep for Athletes" Hutchinson shares his impression of the presentation, as well as his five biggest takeaways.

A big thank-you to both Mr. Hutchinson and Outside Magazine for the feature and for helping to increase awareness of the importance of sleep for elite athletes.

Read 5 Laws of Sleep for Athletes

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